Wisdom Circle - Jan 2023

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A Journey into Wholeness: Deeper into Wisdom.

Join us as we soothe our Souls and remember our interconnection. Together we will sit in the Vastness, the Silence, the Living Christ. This Wisdom Circle will focus on the experience of our Wholeness.  It is dedicated to bringing ourselves back into balance and healing our world. Don’t miss this opportunity to know our place in the field of Love.

Saturday, May 21, 2022  

 St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

100 W. 86th St. Indianapolis, IN 46260

 9am to 4pm  Doors open at 8:45am

Lunch and snacks are included; please eat breakfast before

To learn more, check out JanByars.com/WisdomCircle


Post-COVID note: There are currently no COVID restrictions. I encourage you to wear a mask if you have concerns.  I will be bringing an HEPA/UVC air filtration machine to offer a great sense of ease.  However, please don’t attend if you have symptoms.  If you have allergies, please take allergy medication before you attend.