Course: The Leader Within

A Call to Wholeness: The Integral Leader

 Jan Byars, PhD 

5 week course Begins January 25th

Live on Wednesdays @ 3:30pm EDT/12:30 PDT



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Leadership Development & Spiritual Development

Individual, private sessions available

Leadership Development with Jan

3 sessions focused on your capacity 


Take A Sneak Peak

 Spiritual Formation with Rebecca

3 sessions exploring questions of the Heart


Sessions are transferable, nonrefundable. Valid through December 31, 2023

Course begins January 25 th

Live on Wednesdays @ 3:30pm EDT/12:30pm PDT.

Each class will be approximately 1:15 in length 

Recorded for download

January 25th           Beginning the Journey - Resetting  

February 1st           Deepening into Peace

February 8th           Understanding Self as Leader

February 15th         Expanding Perception

February 22nd        Rewiring Our Psyche         

Limited time only - $347.00

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A Call to Wholeness: The Leader Within offers you:

- Settle more deeply in this moment

- Think more clearly and reduce stress

- Be less drained and overwhelmed

- Adapt to shifting conditions faster

- Increase problem-solving and expand perception

- Increase sense of freedom.  

- Lead with greater alignment

- Deepen understanding of change


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