Course: The Journey Within

A Call to Wholeness: The Journey Within

 Jan Byars, PhD and Rebecca Parker, MDiv

6 week course Begins September 21st

Live on Wednesdays @ 3:30pm EDT/12:30 PDT



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$397.00  -- 40% off Special!

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A Call to Wholeness.mp3    

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Leadership Development & Spiritual Development

Individual, private sessions available

Leadership Development with Jan

3 sessions focused on your capacity 


Take A Sneak Peak

 Spiritual Formation with Rebecca

3 sessions exploring questions of the Heart


Sessions are transferable, nonrefundable. Valid through December 31, 2023

Course begins September 14th

Live on Wednesdays @ 1pm EDT/10am PDT.

Each class will be approximately 1:15 in length 

Recorded for download

September 21st       Beginning the Journey - Resetting  

September 28th       Deepening into Peace

October 5th             Understanding Self

October 12th           No class  

October 19th           Turning into Wholeness     

October 26th           Rewiring Our Psyche

November 2nd        Making it Real

Limited time only - $397.00

$697.00 value - SPECIAL over 40% off now! 

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A Call to Wholeness: The Journey Within offers you:

- Settle more deeply in this moment

- Think more clearly and reduce stress

- Be less drained and overwhelmed

- Adapt to shifting conditions faster

- Increase problem-solving and expand perception

- Increase sense of freedom.  

- Lead with greater alignment

- Deepen understanding of change


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