Power for Performance

Power for Performance: Leading as a way of Being -- 
Learning to direct our Attention, Will and Love to generate outcomes that shape our world for the better.
You get it!  You consider yourself a conscious leader!  A B-Corp leader!  A values-based leader!  You are working to align who you are and how you lead with your purpose and the common good.

And you are asking – how else might I harness the power of the enterprise for the greater good?  How can I grow into the leader of the future?

If this sounds like you, then we need to talk!  

Organizational change begins within the leaders and people of influence.  The research is there.  The leadership literature has discussed these ideas for decades.  Yet, when we sign up for a development or coaching program, or even an organizational change program, it focuses our attention out there. We are stuck in the old school.

We don’t have any more time or attention to waste; we need to shift into our more stable, truer selves and lead from there.  

When you shift yourself, you increase your capacity to see; perception expands, solutions emerge. You are able to think more critically and operate from a more global view. Ken Wilber calls the process growing up, waking up and showing up.  

Power for Performance walks groups of like-minded, psychologically capable leaders to their next level of development.   We will learn to operate from our heart, mind and body to bring in deeper insights and intuition. If you have the willingness and courage for fierce reality testing and deep compassion, this group may be for you.

This development will be applied to the issues you bring to the group—professional, strategic, tactical, personnel, etc. It’s your group; you get to decide.

Jan has 30 years’ experience walking people through complex adaptive change. She has had a Silence practice for 35 years and 8 years of graduate school in leadership and psychological development. She will hold the environment for your transformation and you will be supported by a group who walks with you. Are you ready to go forward with both support and challenge?  

Power for Performance will meet monthly, with an individual development meeting to speed you along.  The group integrates mindful, physiological, psychological and spiritual practices with the leadership and scientific literature. Applications being accepted now!  $99 application fee. 

Groups begin in January 2021.