Org Development

There is a huge loss of capacity within organizations that are out of alignment.  The financial loss is real.

Leadership is change. It is not just maintaining the status quo or making more sales. 

Leadership requires reading the patterns within your organization, now and in the future, and the courage to step out before anyone else. You either do it, or you don't.


Holographic Leadership integrates the new science, with values-based leadership strategy and tasks.  It explores how the rules of the game have changed and shows you how to adapt.  It allows you to be of service and a profitable organization.


Conscious awareness allows you to gain deeper insight to the patterns that are locked in our organizations.  The minute you begin to climb out of the weeds, you strengthen your ability to see the trends and solve the problems.


Are you ready to be more focused, have greater clarity and overcome the obstacles faster? Holographic Leadership increases capacity in you and your team through individual and group development:


- Think clearer and from a broader perspective

- Be more responsive and effective

- Manage conflict

- Integrate mindfulness & self-awareness into culture

- Adapt to shifting conditions faster

- Identify and remove obstacles

- Increase strong critical thinking

- Lead with greater alignment

- Increased self-awareness

- Cohesive teamwork

- Be less drained and bogged down

- And ultimately, have more engagement


All of this is done aligned with your organization’s performance and productivity goals. One of the best client descriptions of what we do is “emotional HazMat.”  We bring clarity and balance so problems get solved.


LeadSync provides customized programs for individuals and teams based on years of experience and graduate training. This can be done in-person or virtually. We specialize in development for values-driven organizations, Benefit Corporations & Certified B-Corps.


Some of the topics we work with are:

- Executive Development

- Emotional Intelligence

- Conflict Resolution

- Mindfulness practices

- HeartMath

- Psychological Development

- Leading Change

- Conscious, Values-Based Leadership

- Building a Conscious Culture

- Values-Based Leadership

- Creativity and Innovation

- Leadership & Complexity

- Leading from Interconnection

- Resiliency & Professional Boundaries

- Developing New Leaders

- Ethical Decision Making

- Physiology of Leadership



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