Advanced Heartmath Training

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Product Overview

The Advanced HeartMath® Package combines the importance of self-regulation (through the mindfulness of HeartMath) with the psychological maturity necessary for values-based leadership.  This package offers 10, 1 hour sessions that will leave the participant with the basics of a mindfulness practice and how to increase their capacity as a leader. 

The HeartMath® Process allow you to learn the simple, on-demand techniques that can help you reduce the overall level of chaos in your work and in your life. HeartMath is ideal for stressful environments as it can be easily used while you walk down the hall.

This is a great set of mindfulness techniques to use at work and home! Ever tried to focus with your mind spinning too fast?  There is a physiology to leadership which is largely ignored. Vision, clarity and focus all depend on our physical state. Stress, exhaustion, distractions all take away our ability to lead.  HeartMath® techniques are taught to increase critical thinking, manage emotions, and create balance in one’s life.  Are you ready to shift out of the crazy?

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Sessions can be used throughout 2022. For maximum effectiveness they should be done no more than 3 weeks apart.  Expires December 31, 2022.