My work for over 20 years is to Hold the Environment for transformational change. I have integrated multitude fields of study into a distinctly innovative approach of conscious leadership and transformational change. My work is phenomenological in nature (grounded in my own development), as I was quickly taught in graduate school, “You can’t help people grow beyond your own level of development.” I have been there, learned it, taught it and done it.


I have a deep understanding of values-based leadership, and leading change from systems theory, psychological and physiological perspectives. This has allowed me to work with clients at their current stage of readiness (Prochaska) and guide them in a manner consistent with their learning style and level of psychological development (Kegan, Wilber).


As founder and president of LeadSync, LLC, I help my clients remove obstacles and align with their Purpose. I work with people who knew their leadership and their lives could be better and accepted the challenge to learn and grow. I help clients lost in overwhelm, the onslaught of information, and the list of things to do. I help them increase self-awareness, and to place their energy and attention on critical points; to shift their leadership and transform their organizations by creating a conscious, engaged culture. A culture based in Wholeness.


My education, research, and practice have made it clear to me that the leader’s internal state is critical  to leadership capacity, abilities and ultimately this affects the entire organization. The philosophy that Leadership is Being and then Doing (Bennis) drives my approach to leadership development. 

Jan Byars, PhD

Education and Training

I have a PhD in Leadership and Organizational Change; a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling and am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications. I have also been trained in mediation and am a certified HeartMath® coach.

I have experience working with public and privately held organizations as well as nonprofits, non-government organizations (NGOs) and government organizations in industries such as manufacturing, communications, construction, health services, food service and law.

I have been active member of the International Leadership Association from 2006. I was Chair for Leadership Development Member Interest Group, 2009 – 2011. Created Ethics Forum Learning Community and Co-Chaired this group for 5 years. I have been selected to present (peer-reviewed presentations) in Chicago 2006, Los Angeles 2008, Prague 2009, Boston 2010, Montreal 2013, San Diego 2014 and Barcelona 2015. My most recent presentation was entitled: Whole Systems & Whole Self: Transcending Boundaries and Borders.

I am currently an active member of the Conscious Leadership Guild. An organization specifically dedicated to bringing conscious leadership to a larger audience.
I am actively working on my own spiritual development, which I began in my twenties. I have explored multiple worldviews, beginning with a Buddhist style meditation. I now have a twice daily Centering Prayer practice. I have attended and presented at Wisdom Schools (spiritual retreats) regularly, taking a deep dive into Peace.  I have combined both secular and spiritual practices, creating my own rhythm of being present and aware.

As part of my own spiritual formation I facilitate online courses for the Center for Action and Contemplation. This keeps me grounded within Wholeness as I work in the frenetic pace of business. 

My vision is to hold transformational space; to transform leadership and business through intention and integrity, generating positive, profitable ways of doing business and creating truly sustainable leadership.