A Call to Wholeness

Empowering Organization Through Possibility




Living in a fragmented state changes our hearts, minds, and bodies. Most of us know this as a feeling of overwhelm or burnout. We know the words, but often do not really understand their impact on our lives, our work, the people around us, and our organizations. Thankfully, it just takes a leap of faith and willingness to emerge from a fragmented state to answer the call to Wholeness.


Told as a fictional story underpinned by Bohm’s understanding of Undivided Wholeness and Dialogue, Jan Byars, PhD, and Susan Taylor combine years of experience in counseling and coaching both individuals and organizational leaders to offer hope and help to those desiring to move from the turmoil of overwhelm and burnout into a peaceful state of clarity and coherence. In a follow-up section enhanced by tools, practices, and resources, Byars and Taylor provide trusted guidance that invites others to plant the seeds of transformation, explore self-care, and ultimately uncover their own path to Wholeness.


A Call to Wholeness shares a story about accepting power and recognizing possibility that is enhanced by tools and exercises that guide others into a new paradigm for life and business.

Praise for A Call to Wholeness

Novice or a master, A Call to Wholeness will serve you in your personal and professional journey—time and time again.”

          —Joseph Jaworski, Chairman, Generon International


“Good fairy tales allow us to suspend belief long enough to learn a lesson or two. This work does just that. This is a very impressive compilation and evolution of modern leadership perspectives that go well beyond hierarchical models, which are based on gaining and wielding authority …”

          —Anthony Scriffignano, Senior Vice President and Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet


“This book demonstrates the power of learning through story, as it guides us through the fragmentation many of us are experiencing and returns us back to our natural state of wholeness and oneness.”

          —Nory Angel, President of the American Leadership Forum, Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter


“This book is an excellent resource that invites the reader into an experience with leadership and inner growth that doesn't lecture—it offers and invites. It is especially well suited for those looking for shared leadership and cooperation in a work environment using 21st century understanding of neuroscience, spiritual traditions, and leadership theory.”

          —Rebecca Parker, M.Div., Director, Mary & Martha’s Place

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