360° EQ Assessment Package

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Product Overview

This Emotional Intelligence (EI) package offers a 360 assessment of your current capacity in emotional intelligence and 5 sessions to discuss a plan to actively increase your emotional intelligence.

This package deepens the other two available packages.  Sessions can be used throughout 2022. For maximum effectiveness they should be done no more than 3 weeks apart.  Expires December 31, 2023.

Are you ready to dramatically increase your capacity to influence and align your people?

EI has 15 basic skills that define your abilities. The 360 report adds 10 times the data on your Emotional Intelligence (EI) capacity. It includes the individual self-report and an aggregated report from the feedback of 10 people who know you and your work.  (They can be within your organization or others you work with throughout the community.)

The 5 sessions will offer an introduction; a deepening of your understanding of you skills and a plan you can use going forward. 

This is the best way to know your EI.  It includes important skills like, Reality Testing, Problem Solving, Impulse Control, Flexibility and Stress Tolerance, plus 10 more.  These insights can dramatically change your performance, interactions with others, and leadership potential. EI is one of the best, simplest ways to approach leadership development!