Heart in Action: Conscious Leadership
LeadSync provides leadership coaching and development for Conscious, Entrepreneurial, Visionary, Values-Based Leaders who wish to harness the power of  enterprise for the greater good. Conscious Leaders align who they are with their purpose and the common good.
We have seen so many organizations, profit and nonprofit that think, ‘this is just the way it is.’ All the game-playing is not profitable; it reduces productivity and it repels the best employees.put text into the page.

Our favorite clients are the ones who ‘get it.’ They are moving toward values-based leadership, maybe even being a conscious organization. This shift creates a big increase in capacity and willingness to engage. This is what transforms organizations!

Being a Conscious Leader means you have a consciousness practice. You make a daily effort to step out of your own mind trash and look at an expanded view of any situation. This increased awareness dramatically improves problem solving.

Consciousness, an active understanding of our interconnection, changes the rules of leadership, and capitalism. This change is already here, but many still try to pretend it isn’t.

Conscious Leadership expands our awareness to see interconnection and complexity; it expands our personal and organization’s capacity; it aligns our daily work with our vision and values. Conscious Leadership improves our focus, time management, and dramatically shifts the culture of our organizations.

What are the markers of this organizational change? There is a strong trend toward recognizing our interconnection and adding value: Benefit Corporations, Certified B-Corps and Values Driven organizations. You already know that the new workforce does not respond to command and control. 
Culture cannot be commanded.

You have to be Conscious to Lead a Conscious Company!
Consciousness includes a living energetic presence that interconnects us all. David Bohm’s original term for this was Undivided Wholeness in Flowing Movement. I love this!

Our interconnection is the differentiator in Conscious Leadership. Our organizations, like ourselves are part of a living Whole. It is from this base that the awareness of our environment and communities come in, shifting our attention away from greed.

Consciousness precedes the daily tasks of leadership. It shapes our every thought and action. Ken Wilber simplifies this by saying you have to Grow Up and Wake Up to Show Up. If we fail to do this we are in over our heads (Robert Kegan) and create quite a mess.

Psychological Integration and Cognitive Development are the components of Growing Up that are critical to leadership. Warren Bennis refers to the same idea; Leadership is first being then doing. LeadSync’s leadership development programs focus specifically on increasing capacity, psychological and cognitive development, aligned with strategic goals.

Optimal functioning depends on the ability to control what happens in consciousness moment by moment.” ----  Csikszentmihalyi
It is our self-awareness and self-correction that are important, not perfection. Operating from a developed consciousness is a requirement to lead a conscious business; it is the inner strength that all aspects of values-based business depend.

Value-based leadership (VBL) has been emerging since the 70’s, with Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership and Burns’ Transformational Leadership. It rests on the interiority and capacity of the leader. This consciousness is highly emphasized by many authors from Robert Kegan to Ken Wilber. Learning to live and lead from this place takes courage, willingness and capacity.

The understanding of our internal state is often left out of Conscious Business Leadership (which is funny since consciousness, by definition starts with an interior state.) A larger collective impact is possible because of our true interconnection. We interact with this interconnection, with Wholeness, through our own mental-emotional and physical state.  Are you ready to show up?